Motivational Speaker and Teambuilder

Being part of a large number of different successful teams and working together in the worlds most challenging conditions has provided Wouter with a unique perspective on finding new ways to get to the top spot.

“Racing against the world’s best, you know all teams are well prepared, in top shape, and filled with the most talented people that are dying to win the race. So how are you going to get success in such an ultra-competitive environment?
In my experience the best way to do that is by creating a team that has built the trust between it’s members so that they dare to challenge each other and through constructive conflict find new ways of tackling the many challenges ahead.

That sounds maybe a bit academic. Simply put, you want everybody to be themselves and the best they can be; take of the masks and dare to be “naked”. Ocean Racing provides a unique platform, as being exhausted most of the time, you don’t have any energy to put on a mask. You can only be you. We are lucky that way, as we quickly built trust, and invent new ways to be even better.”

Through his interactive and engaging talks, combined with hands on workshops Wouter has helped top teams in companies like McKinsey, DeltaLloyd and WoltersKluwer to change their ways and achieve winning results.

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