Delicately concealed by a few feet of water there lies a reef in the Indian Ocean that we'll never forget; Cargados Carajos.


A razor sharp shoal that trapped Team Vestas Wind's Volvo 65 and cleaved through the team's dreams. No one could have foreseen the events of that fateful night on the 29th of November.


Few could have predicted that Wouter would immediately step forward to say "I made a big mistake." A definitive moment in an outstanding career born from the pursuit of a childhood dream.


Is this the end of Wouter's professional sailing career?


The brave and selfless manner with which Wouter faces the maelstrom that follows, gains him wide support from both the public and his colleagues.


Beyond the Break charts the disaster, the team's resolve and the lessons learned. It also follows Wouter's ascent to the Everest of ocean racing. A story that will entertain, provoke thought and inspire. The continuous pursuit of excellence, a strong mental edge and the importance of psychology are fundamental to the development of both the individual and the team. It shows the delicate profession of ocean racing navigation, requiring a highly analytical and intuitive approach in recognising developing patterns in both the weather and the team. Clear communication is crucial. Strong leadership and continuous development through constructive conflict and daring to fail effectively are key. Trust is the foundation on which it all rests. "What makes ocean racing so special is that we are all naked."

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